On Rancho Cartagena, every lot has access to water and electrical services. Only minimal connection charges will apply for the installation of your meters. Each homeowner will be responsible for their individual consumption of these services. Water usage is metered and billed directly to you from the ranch on a monthly basis. Electricity is paid for on a monthly basis through our local provider – Coopeguanacaste.


Aerial power lines supply electricity to the entire property and are installed and maintained in coordination with Coopeguanacaste, the local cooperative responsible for distribution of power and light in most of the Guanacaste region. Once you purchase your lot, a minimal connection charge must be paid in order to install your electrical meter, plus the installation of a dedicated transformer.


CableTica is the local provider of all telecommunication services here at Rancho Cartagena and throughout Costa Rica. The cable service which incorporates your TV, Internet and land line for telephone – currently supports a majority of the ranch development. As our needs continue to grow, we work in coordination with their office to extend services as needed with each section of the ranch being developed. You will have your own individual account and can adjust your services as you choose – all billed on a monthly basis through CableTica.

Cell Phones

Cell phone service is an individual preference here in the Guanacaste area. Providers include ICE, CableTica, Kolbi and others. Coverage here throughout the ranch is strong and consistent – with little to no “dropped calls.”

Homeowner Association (HOA)

Annual fees here at Rancho Cartagena are minimal compared to other gated communities in and around Costa Rica. They cover a multitude of services including a full-time gardening crew to maintain all of the communal areas – includes all open areas, perimeter property lines, waterways, roadside retaining walls and rainwater controls and plantings. In addition, your HOA fees help to support infrastructure related to the maintenance of the roads, water, gates, and administrative duties of ranch. As the community continues to grow, future plans are in place to have the HOA managed by the homeowners.

Water at Rancho Cartagena

The water supply system of RC consists of a total of 5 wells, all of them located between 40 to 60 meters above sea level. Two of these wells are located in a flat zone of the project that is dedicated to grazing cattle a portion of the year. A perimeter of fencing exceeding the requirements of regulation serves as a protection around these wells.  The RC aqueduct consists of approximately 7 KM of distribution water pipes and at this point the conditions have been tested with a specific software to identify the working conditions of the pipes –e.g.: leaking, pressure, easements; etc.